Village of Eden


The Vision:

God is moving in a mighty way in Uganda; the people’s hearts are open and “the fields are ripe for the harvest.” God has given Helping Hands a vision for the country of Uganda, a God-sized vision which can only be accomplished through His power! We are building a “model” Christian village, which is a lighthouse for the country of Uganda, and a place which represents what the body of Christ should look like-everyone working together for the glory of God. It is called “The Village of Eden.”

A God Sized Vision:


Our vision for the 133-acre complex is a Village/community with God and the Church at the helm of leadership. The focus is on discipleship, training, and support for orphans, widows, and the poor, giving them hope through Jesus Christ.

Since purchasing 133 acres in March 2012, many people have been working together faithfully to accomplish God’s work at the Village of Eden. Volunteers from several countries have generously utilized their talents and skills in many areas of ministry. We invite YOU to come and serve with us – be a part of this God- sized project. Be on the front lines and make a difference!

Projects on the Complex:

Housing For 800 Orphans


Currently, we have 4 children’s duplex cottages, each with 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms (each housing 4 children), a common area, a bedroom for the housemother, and a kitchen.  The cottages are home for the children, a place where they “belong,” and are loved, as well as held accountable for chores, grades, and interaction with other family members.  The housemothers are teaching the children about Jesus, responsibility, and other important life lessons.  Click on heading above for a picture gallery.

Sports Fields

Sports programs and sports fields are part of a child’s life as well; we have one soccer field, and eventually plan to have basketball, volleyball and other sports, which will give the children the opportunity, not only to learn how to play the games, but how to interact with others during the process.

Sports are a great avenue for evangelism as well. We allow people from the surrounding community to use the soccer field, and this is an effective tool to develop relationships and foster opportunities to share the gospel. Another goal is to have Sports/Evangelism camps and also allow other schools to use our fields help promote sports programs with other schools and groups around the community.



back school


Village of Eden Christian Primary Academy is under the direction of Helping Hands’ missionary Jessica Matthews. We currently have Nursery School to Primary Four; over time, we will offer secondary school, technical training, and Bible training.

Vocational school – The school will encompass several programs including farming (animals and crops), baking (commercial), sewing, cosmetology, auto mechanics, woodworking (crafts), carpentry (building), cabinets/furniture, and metal/welding shops. Training in these targeted areas will help the senior children learn a trade and to produce items so that the complex can be self-sustaining.
Bible College – The complex will have a Bible college to train and educate current pastors and future pastors, drawing from the association of 80 churches that we now work with in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.  Click on heading above for a picture gallery.

Medical Clinic

Construction on the medical clinic is scheduled to begin September 2014; it will be staffed by local health care providers, who will provide acute medical care for the children, staff, and surrounding community. Initially, we will offer primary care for children and adults; prenatal and postnatal care; immunizations; laboratory services; and wound care. During Phase 2 of construction, we will add Radiology Services, minor surgery, and in-patient care.

Village of Eden Church


The “Village of Eden Church” is the center of all activities and functions for the complex-the driving force in the community and the center for personal development. The Church is helping to care for orphans, widows, the sick and the poor, and through regular Bible studies, is teaching the community about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Click heading above for a picture gallery.


Free Market Trade

Free market trade will be one of the concepts taught at the schools. In conjunction with this, we will have a “Village of Eden Market Place” that will be on the outskirts of our property to allow the orphans to sell the items that are produced within the complex. This will include shops such as bakery, butcher, handmade clothes, crafts, candies, hairstyling, metal works, wood furniture and others.

Our goal is to witness to the community, while at the same time providing a practical way for people to support themselves through the sale of various products that are produced on-site, such as vegetables, beef/chicken, crafts, and other items that the vocational schools have to offer. The village shops will help support the complex and develop a free market concept for the village.





In order for the complex to be self-sustaining, we are growing crops, including corn, beans, and rice; we are raising rabbits, cattle, rabbits, pigs, and goats; and have 2 fish ponds filled with tilapia.   Click heading above for a picture gallery.



Come join us…


We know that the “Village of Eden” vision is a large undertaking. It is a God-sized project and that is why we know that only God can do it. But we also know that God uses His people to accomplish his work. So the question is, “Are you one of those people, and will you help?” This is an exciting time to be involved in the ground floor of a project that daily is changing many lives, with God at the center of it all.

We invite you to be a part of this innovative adventure which reaches across cultural, language, financial, and social barriers to impact the world for Christ.
How can you help?
Click HERE to make a general financial donation to help build “The Village of Eden”.
Make a donation toward a specific project at the complex, such as equipment, sports fields, orphan housing, “Church” headquarters, or any of the many projects.
Contact Stan Bell for more information stan.bell@helpinghandsmissions.org.   A list will be supplied on request.
Be a volunteer to help, short-term, long-term, or “any-term!”  Contact Kim Smith for information on long-term opportunities kim.smith@helpinghandsmissions.org.  Click HERE to see short-term opportunities.
We encourage you to prayerfully consider being a part of “The Village of Eden”. For additional information, please feel free to contact us by email at VOE@helpinghandsmissions.org, or by phone: Joel Cobb at 678-525-4228 or Stan Bell at 770-560-4555.