Cochabamba Christian Complex


The Cochabamba Christian Complex has become a lighthouse of truth to the poorest country in South America.  The small Andean country of Bolivia has long been mired in paganism.  The official god (or more correctly goddess) of Bolivia is Pachamama (the fertility goddess of the ancient Incan Empire, now widely regarded as “mother earth”).

In 2003 Helping Hands partnered with “Word of Life” (Palabra De Vida) ministries in Bolivia.  The primary focus of Word of Life is to evangelize young people, then disciple these new converts.   Together Helping Hands and Word of Life began planning a Christian complex where young people could come to sports camps and hear about Jesus Christ.  In 2005 Helping Hands purchased 60 acres of land and began construction of the complex.

Since 2005 about 70,000 people have used the complex.  More than 11,000 have accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!!

Today the Christian complex consists of missionary housing for 12 missionary families, apartments for single missionaries, a mission volunteer house, a gymnasium, an auditorium, a Christian school, a one year Bible college, and enough bunk space to house up to 800 campers.

Lydia House


The Lydia House was the first building to be completed.  It was named for Lydia in Acts 16: 14-15, who persuaded Paul, Silas, and Timothy to stay in her home on their visit to Philippi. This building will sleep up to 50 people.  It contains bunk rooms and couples rooms.  There is a conference room, kitchen, and dining room on the top floor.  Helping Hands uses this building to house volunteer teams that travel to Bolivia.


Front Gate


The next building was a multi-purpose building that houses a missionary family on the top floor and the Aquilla Christian School on the ground floor.





The center piece of the complex is an 18,000 square foot gymnasium.  The gym serves as a multi-purpose building, housing an industrial kitchen, a medical clinic, classrooms for Bible college, 2 two bedroom apartments for missionary families, dorm rooms for female Bible college students, and two large bunk rooms underneath the concrete bleachers.  The gym floor is transformed into a dining hall for meals, cleared for sports activities, then reset for evening worship services, dramas, or concerts during camp.



Bath House


Tennis Court / Basketball Court / Mini Soccer Court.  In the background is an “L” shaped three story building The ground floor is a large bath house for campers. The second floor serves as a large apartment for single female missionaries.  The top floor is a small apartment for a missionary couple.






The most popular place by far is the regulation size soccer field.  There are bleachers on the far side